Princess Ashleigh - Humiliating You All The Way To The Bank



Princess Ashleigh


Panty Wearing Sissies

I'm gonna make you dress up for me and perform humiliating tasks. Maybe I'll send you out into public - wiggling your ass to the ATM to get me some more cash. Maybe I'll send you to a gay bar to suck cock, or maybe I'll force you to send me pictures so I can blackmail you!


Teased & Denied Cuckolds

You'll never be man enough for a girl like me. I am a hot, pretty, confident girl and you are a stuttering, drooling weakling. I may allow you into my life to finance my dates and pay for the lingerie I'm gonna wear for my real man. I may even send you our used condoms as a consolation prize!



Princess Ashleigh



Weak little losers like you need to have a purpose in life and from now on I, Princess Ashleigh am that purpose!


Do not let my sweet, pretty appearance fool you - I am a spoilt, mean, bitch and I love nothing more than luring you freaks in and then humiliating you in ways you can't imagine.


You're going to become my addicted humiliation, emasculation, teased and denied puppet and you're going to PAY dearly for it!


You're going to be feminized, blackmailed, cuckolded and locked in chastity and I'm going to laugh and giggle at you for being so pathetic.


Princess Ashleigh



Chastity Lock-down Losers

You think you're gonna be allowed to jerk your loser-stick whenever you like freako? Not any more! My favorite thing in the world is locking up loser cocks and keeping the key. You'll have to pay a LOT to get that key back... and that's if I ever wanna send it back at all!


Addicted Pay-Piggies

If any of you losers really wanna earn a tiny slither of my attention it's gonna cost you. I love taking your money. I love wasting your money. But most of all I love making sure you're left with NO money. You can deal with poverty while I live in luxury. Whatever - just PAY ME!


Humiliation Entertainment Puppets

You're purpose in life is to keep me happy. That means keeping my bank account topped up but it also means amusing me. You're gonna make me laugh performing all sorts of embarrasing, emasculating tasks and assignments. I'm gonna show you new depths of shame!

x X x

x Princess Ashleigh x


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